The attire

So my first and only blog comment asked me about my dress and it made me realize I never told you guys about it.

Let’s start at the beginning. The first time I ever planned to go dress shopping was back in February, which was 13 months before the wedding. I had no intention of buying a dress. My main reason for going was that I was in Houston visiting my grandma and she wanted to go.

We went to David’s bridal, which, as many of you know, gets intensely mixed reviews. I tried on 3-4 dresses. I liked them all, but none of them wowed me. My bridal consultant disappeared for like 15 minutes, so to keep myself occupied I browsed the store and stumbled upon a dress that was discontinued and marked down ridiculously low.

I brought the dress to the dressing room and tried it on. When I first walked out and looked in the mirror, I was pretty happy with what I saw. Not estatic, but happy. The creative half of my brain started spinning at record speed. I looked at the lace work and realized that it was seamed, which meant it could most likely be taken it. I was seeing great possibilities for a semi-custom dress.

My grandmother was very supportive of my ideas and being her last grandaughter to marry, she offered to buy the dress for me. It was so incredibly sweet of her, but because I know she lives on limited income, I insisted on paying for part of the dress.

For less than $400 total, I walked out with a dress, crinny and bra. Spending a small amount on the dress will enable me to pay a seamstress to cut, shift and sew it into something different and a little more my style. I am well aware that the seamstress bill will be equivillent to the price of the dress, but it will be well worth it.

I will post pictures and the process of change as it happens… stay tuned 🙂


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