I could be a pastry chef!

I really think I could! laugh at me if you wish, but I could totally see myself taking some classes at the local culinary school.

Let me back up- I truely believe that weddings bring out new interests in people. Cake making had never been an interest of mine before I started planning, but now, I can’t get enough of Ace of Cakes, Food Network Cake Challenges and Amazing Wedding Cakes. I’m obsessed. I’d love to be able to made a side career out of it. Something to allow for a little creative outlet…

What sparked my realization of brides turning vendors was an interview I conducted today. As a recruiter, I fill a variety of positions for different firms. I have recently been recruiting for a Texas Winery. They are filling an on site event coordinator position for their special events department. As I have been interviewing girls, I have heard the same sentence from nearly every applicant: “I’m currently planning my own wedding and have realized that event planning is where my passion lies!”

To be honest, I’ve even gone as far as researching a little about some basic culinary programs. Houston has the Culinary Institute LeNotre. They have 2 different pastry chef programs, one where you walk out with an associates degree and the other, just a diploma of completion.

I have a degree and never plan to make a full blown career out of this interest of mine, so I’d choose to go the shorter, simpler route. The even better part about it is you can do it all in evening classes! Awesome, right? Here is a little excerpt from the website about the program:

Program B – Baking & Pastry  

Diploma: Sous Chef Patissier – Boulanger

Length: 20 weeks day, 40 weeks evening, 748 clock hours

This program is designed for beginners with little or no skills. Instruction will cover classic and innovative baking, freezing, advance bakeshop and pastry techniques. Students will master proficiency skills in traditional and innovative ways of baking, decor and aerograph, etc. After successful completion of all coursework, students are expected to become employable as Sous Chef de Patisserie, or Bakers, and are prepared technically to operate their own bakery with the goal of becoming Executive/Chef Patissier. See our Class Schedule for Program B start dates.

Level I: Apprenticeship
(10 Weeks Day/20 Weeks Evening)
  •  Pies
  •  Tarts and Dough
  •  Quiches
  •  Danishes
  •  Cakes
  •  Petits Fours
  •  Chocolates Candies
  •  Breads
  •  Ice Cream and Sorbets
  •  Viennoiserie  
  •  Pate A Choux
  •  Entremets
Level II: Intermediate
(5 weeks Day/10 weeks Evening)
  •  Classic and Modern Cakes
  •  Cake Decoration
  •  Pastries
  •  French Cookies
  •  Chocolate Bonbons
  •  Light Cakes
  •  Croquembrouche
  •  Wedding Cakes
  •  Sugar Decoration
  •  Regional and International Breads
Level III: Advanced Baking & Pastry
(5 weeks Day/10 weeks Evening)
  •  Wedding Cakes 
  •  Sugar Decoration  
  •  Center Piece  
  •  Banquet Desserts
  • Chocolate Techniques

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be skilled enough to be competing on Food Network Cake Challenges! Again, have your laughs.

What wedding vendor jobs would you ever consider doing?


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