Moving Documentation

When I first began looking at our budget for the wedding (we’re talking about way back in December), I opted to not hire a videographer. My reasoning was pretty simple. First off, our photographers are going to max out on picture taking and I’m sure will not miss a thing. Second, videography in the Houston/Galveston market (which I’m sure is like so many other markets) is high and I just couldn’t reasonably fit it into our budget.

I never doubted myself on that decision until a cpuple of  weeks ago. I was at the local bridal show, Houston Bridal Extravaganza, and I somehow caught myself mesmorized by a videographers displayed sample video on his big screen projector. The movie seemed to have so much love, passion and excitement all tied into it. It varied so much from the videos I’ve seen of my aunts weddings were it was basically one man, walking around with a camera on his shoulder having everyone turn around and say hello to him. You all know that kind of video… basically all Dad’s film with this style.

But the video I watched was a story. It did an amazing job of documenting the entire day for the bride and groom to remember forever. If I could have booked that vendor right there, I would have.

But I couldn’t- budget would not allow for $1795 splurges. So I came home on a mission to shift around my budget so I could have a set dollar amount that I knew I could work within. After that, I began my search online for videographers that offered the cinematic style I yearned for. Luckily, many videographers have samples online, so it was easy to judge their work.

I found a great videographer in the area. He wasn’t in greater Houston, but not in Galveston either. He was smack dab inbetween. I sent him an email, explaining my new found love for artistic wedding videos. By sending this email, I was going out on a limb. His advertised packages were out of my price range by a few hundred dollars. I wasn’t sure what I was hoping for, but the response back was more than I could have ever expected.

Later that evening, I had an email in my inbox from the videographer thanking me for appreciating his work. He also then offered to take me up on my budgeted amount and would still give me the package I wanted. Let me tell you what he is giving me:

*Arrival 1 1/2 hrs before wedding to film everyone getting ready
*Stays until bride and groom leave
* Interviews with bride and groom immediately before wedding
*Edited highlights (5-8 min)
* All raw footage

I was so glad at how this worked out. Lesson: Vendors are willing to negotiate. Never pay the advertised price without at least asking for something less. In this case, the videographer loves what he does, appreciates his work being adored and therefore was willing to make a deal. This is one happy bride.


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