Rehearsal Dinner

From the beginning of the planning phase, I failed to consider the expense Mr. C and I would incur by hosting the rehearsal dinner. We have 80% of our guests coming from out of town (and when I say out of town, I mean traveling across many states to see us wed) and we were wanting to host any and all who were in town that Friday before the wedding. Mr. C and I both feel the same way about it: Our guests are paying to fly to Texas, paying to stay in a hotel for the weekend and buying us a gift. The least we can do for them is feed and entertain them Friday night, give them a lovely ceremony Saturday evening and throw a heck of a party Saturday night. Right?

But like I said- I had a skewed version of cost in my head. Galveston typically has a higher markup on everything just because it is a tourist city. I have checked with most major restuarants on the island, but all the per head prices are a little more than we can handle, especially since we could have anywhere from 25-60 people attending. However, I did find one casual restuarant that was willing to negotiate with me, and I was able to talk them into $14.99 a person (not including drinks, tax and gratuity). This is a great price comparatively, but it still limits us from inviting our entire guest list. We’d have to keep this shindig limited to the wedding party & dates, parents and grandparents (whichis around 24 people).

Option 2: We found a decent indoor pavilion on the island that looks out onto the beach. It’s a space for 150 people (which means we will have a lot of unused space) and they provide tables and chairs. We have access to their deck as well. With this option, we could bring in our own food. My mother thinks she might even have a friend (an ex-chef to be exact) that would be willing to prepare the dinner for us at just the cost of the actual food. The rental price isn’t bad and we would get it for 4 hours, which is a nice time to eat, mingle and relax. Is it a gorgeous place? No, at least not from what I can tell from the pictures online. Would it serve the function it needs to? Yes, I think so.

If only the wedding were a little further into the year (opposed to March), then we could just rent an outdoor pavilion for a heck of alot cheaper and have a beach style bonfire to welcome our guests!


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