Honeymoon Dilemma solved.

We got a wonderful wedding present today!

Michael’s brother and sister-in-law have a timeshare in Hawaii that they were unable to go to last year because their little girl was just welcomed into the world.  Because of that, they got a certificate from Interval International for an additional week stay to be used anytime before next June. Since they didn’t plan to use it, they gave it to us to use for our honeymoon. While Hawaii isn’t an option, we do have plenty of options to chose from based on the time we would have to go (anytime after March 6 and before June 4).

Here are some places we are considering:

Lake Tahoe
Puerto Vallarta
Orlando (Disney!!)
Martha’s Vineyard

Mr. C is not a beach person, but he is still willing to consider a Mexican honeymoon just for the luxury resort and gorgeous view.

I really think Lake Tahoe is on the top of his list. My only problem with Lake Tahoe is that he has been before. I want to go somewhere that neither one of us have been so that when we remember that destination, our honeymoon is the only memory we’d have (instead of also remembering the drunken college partying).

I tried relinqushing my control and letting Mr. C be in charge of planning the honeymoon. That worked for a few hours, then I was on the computer looking at the available resorts, flight arrangments, etc.

I am hoping we will have a narrowed down selection by September so we can start making official plans. I am having dreams of myself on a beach under a cabana next to crystal clear water. It’s a sign I think 😉


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