Vendor Review: Anchor Paper

Tom Peterson with Anchor Paper is a very helpful and patient man. He has gone back and forth through many emails, ideas and suggestions with me for the last few weeks. I was trying to make selections for my invitation paper, but was unsure of what weight I needed, what would would best for a postcard, etc.

Tom helped me narrow my selections down. For the actual printing portion of the invitation, I am using Classic Crest Natural White. That is the color of the main envelope as well. I ordered this paper first so I could see the color and work from there (I know, most of you are wondering why I just didn’t order a sample). I ordered the paper and envelopes Monday afternoon and here they are at my doorstep today. Very impressive, especially since I only paid or ground shipping.

He also did another favor for me, which was break a box of envelopes. He typically sells envelopes in packs of 250. Obviously that is way too large of a package for my plan. I only need 85-90 invitations, so I asked if I could just get 100 envelopes. He broke the box and adjusted the price.

I’ve been emailing him again this evening to finalize my last purchase. I am now a loyal customer. His service is wonderful!


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