I knew from the beginning I wanted to make my own invitations. I attempted to do it in MS Publisher but no matter skilled I became in the program, I just wasn’t achieving the results I wanted.

I wanted photoshop, but knew I couldn’t invest in it right now. I’d never worked with the program before, but I went to Adobe’s website and downloaded the 30 day free trial.

Let me tell you, this program is pretty difficult to teach yourself, but you really just have to spend a day playing with it. Once I understood the concept of layering, it got much easier. For the past week, I have spent my free time wandering around in the program. Two nights ago, I started my invitations and have worked on them off and on throughout the last two days.

My ultimate plan in to mount the actual invitation on black linen cardstock and create a black ribbin belly band to tie everything together.

Here is the final copy of what I’ve done:








I would still like to create a map with directions. Maybe an invitation to the welcome dinner as well. Right now however, Photoshop has stolen my motivation, exhausted my brain and driven me into a couch potato state. So all my other tasks will have to wait until this weekend.

I just have to remember, I only have photoshop for 21 for days, so I have to use it before I lose it!


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