Meet Mr. C & our furbabies

Mr. C and I have lived together for 3 years now, and have built quite a family in that time. I wanted to introduce you to my entire household. I love them all so much 🙂

Meet Mr. C! Isn’t he cute? I love him so much, he really is amazing.

This is Daisy, our first adopted Furbaby. She is also the one with the most, I mean personality. She is a mutt, and everyone has a different take on what breeds she is a mix of. I adopted her from the local shelter when she was 6 weeks old. A farmer found her in his barn one morning all alone. Her tail was cut, so I figure she was dumped my her parents owners. We call her docked tail her “Nubbin”. Nubbin has a personality of its own and we often address it separately 🙂 She is the most nervous, anxious, neurotic dog ever, but we love her!

Meet Bucco. Full name: Buc-a-roo. Nicknames: Roo, buccobaby, rooster (the list could go on forever). He is now 2 years old and 2nd to come into our family. He’s a typical dog and loves his big sister and all his other furbaby siblings.

Abigail is our first adopted kitten. She has one brown eye and one blue eye. When we first got her, we thought she was just a typical stubborn cat who wouldn’t come when you called her, but after being able to to vacuum 2 inches from her face when she is napping and never seeing her budge, we realized she is deaf. She truely cannot hear a thing! She gets by just fine though and is the quirkiest, most silly cat ever!

This is Ginger and Sampson. Sampson is the black kitten, Ginger is the other. They are our youngest and love each other. Ginger is very meek and lives for cuddle time. Sampson is sneaky and slightly insane. He’s the problem child of the house.


So as you can see, our household is FULL of animals. Mr. C and I both have a huge soft spot for homeless animals. Most of our friends and family members think we’re nuts, but we can’t help it.


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