Weight a minute


 This was me only 3 years ago. At my heaviest weight. You can really tell by my face. However, I was never a girl that felt horrible about being that size. I embraced it and still felt beautiful. Yes, I had my occassional “fat days”, but nothing that any other girl on the face on this planet doesn’t feel. It wasn’t until I was told I was pre-diabetic that I was motivated to lose some weight.



This is me last summer (2 years after the previous picture.) At my lowest weight.  I was happy, but starving. This weight was very hard for me to maintain. More so than my diabetic threat, my motivation at this time was coming from a planned vacation with Mr. C’s family, who all are tiny. No joke, his mother wears double zeros. Their family is blessed with skinny genes.

Right now, I am about 8 pounds heavier than I was last summer and I am very content with it. I feel healthy and beautiful. I came to accept the fact that I will never be a small girl. Mr. C fell in love with me when I was my heaviest, so obviously my current weight isn’t an issue. Yes, since the wedding is coming up, I want to tone up a bit (especially my arms), but I really am not worried about dropping the number on the scale too much.

I see so many gorgeous girls who convince themselves that because they aren’t a size 2, they aren’t beautiful. To be honest, it breaks my heart. Beauty isn’t size specific. Beauty is found by being comfortable with who you are and loving yourself. Confidence is beautiful, happy is beautiful and healthy is beautiful.

I could preach this to every girl I meet, but you have to truely believe it for yourself to make it work.



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