Save the date for the wedding of…

This week we plan to send out our save the dates to all our guests. Important word being plan. There was something I never anticipated as being a problem: roping in all the addresses of our family and friends. I have no idea why this was so hard. My only guess is because we have guests from all over the country. We are sending them to California, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona and Alabama. Crazy huh?

Anyway- it has taken me the better part of 3 months to get them all together. I am very glad we learned this now instead of right before needing to send out the actual invitations. We are still well on schedule for our Save the Dates, Monday was just the 8 month mark.

Does anyone know when the Save the Date emerged? My older aunts and grandma completely disagree with sending these out, as they feel that people should hear about the wedding via word of mouth and not by a postcard in the mail. Old school etiquette vs new school etiquette. My opinions on that in another post. I personally think it is a great idea. People need to make travel arrangements, take off work, etc, and giving them 8 months to do that gives us a better chance that they will be able to make it. Plus, our Save the Dates give them info about our website. Our website gives them info about airports, best hotel deals, attractions, travel times, and other goodies. Basically, I have done all the research for our guests, they just have to make the decision.


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