Hello again!

I missed my wedding world for a few weeks while I was taking a summer course. My final summer course to be exact! All I have left before graduation is my internship, which I have technically already started.

Looking back, college has zoomed by and has given be so many wonderful opportunities. I had the opportunity to meet my fiance, of course, which is the best opportunity of all. Besides that, I have made great friends, learned how to be independent, developed myself professionally and overall become an adult versus the child I started out as.

No real progress has been made on the wedding front besides hiring a DOC. I originally had no intention of hiring any coordinator due to the fact that my MOH is a coordinator. I figured having her would make up for the lack of a DOC. With every passing day, I stress more and more about the logisitics of being a DIY bride and still having time to enjoy being pampered on the actual day.

My MOH should enjoy the day as well. Not to mention, I will need her with me to help me stay organized and calm. She wasn’t going to have the time to run back and forth to the venue, meet with vendors, etc.

I hired Lindsay, my DOC this past weekend. From the moment I met her, we just clicked. She is exactly what I was hoping for. I emailed some of her previous brides and they had nothing but excellent reviews. I am very happy with my decision and the fact that she can work with my budget.


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