Being a Galveston Bride, part 2

Knowing I wanted to have my wedding in Galveston, I started my search in February for the perfect venue.

I looked at a few hotels, but they were a little pricey, not our style and most were all inclusive (in regards to in house catering and car services). I knew from the start, I wanted to be able to pick my own caterer and have the option to bring in any vendor I wanted, so that wasn’t going to work.

Then I emailed Ms. Vicki, who is in charge of the Historical Foundation in Galveston. The Foundation has a gew historical homes and buildings that they rent out at great rates for special events. Ike limited my selection down to 3: Ashton Villa, Bishop’s Palace and Garten Verein.

Based on the size of our guest list and the style of each venue, we chose Aston Villa.


Ashton Villa was built in 1859, which is what Mr.C loves about it! Mr. C is a history major, so he was extremely happy with the decision to book a historical home.

We will have the ceremony in the garden outside. The space for seating is limited, but we will work out that detail as we get closer.


Overall, it worked well with our budget, was in Galveston and had the vintage feel we’d hoped for.


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