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Rehearsal Dinner

From the beginning of the planning phase, I failed to consider the expense Mr. C and I would incur by hosting the rehearsal dinner. We have 80% of our guests coming from out of town (and when I say out of town, I mean traveling across many states to see us wed) and we were wanting to host any and all who were in town that Friday before the wedding. Mr. C and I both feel the same way about it: Our guests are paying to fly to Texas, paying to stay in a hotel for the weekend and buying us a gift. The least we can do for them is feed and entertain them Friday night, give them a lovely ceremony Saturday evening and throw a heck of a party Saturday night. Right?

But like I said- I had a skewed version of cost in my head. Galveston typically has a higher markup on everything just because it is a tourist city. I have checked with most major restuarants on the island, but all the per head prices are a little more than we can handle, especially since we could have anywhere from 25-60 people attending. However, I did find one casual restuarant that was willing to negotiate with me, and I was able to talk them into $14.99 a person (not including drinks, tax and gratuity). This is a great price comparatively, but it still limits us from inviting our entire guest list. We’d have to keep this shindig limited to the wedding party & dates, parents and grandparents (whichis around 24 people).

Option 2: We found a decent indoor pavilion on the island that looks out onto the beach. It’s a space for 150 people (which means we will have a lot of unused space) and they provide tables and chairs. We have access to their deck as well. With this option, we could bring in our own food. My mother thinks she might even have a friend (an ex-chef to be exact) that would be willing to prepare the dinner for us at just the cost of the actual food. The rental price isn’t bad and we would get it for 4 hours, which is a nice time to eat, mingle and relax. Is it a gorgeous place? No, at least not from what I can tell from the pictures online. Would it serve the function it needs to? Yes, I think so.

If only the wedding were a little further into the year (opposed to March), then we could just rent an outdoor pavilion for a heck of alot cheaper and have a beach style bonfire to welcome our guests!


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Honeymoon Dilemma solved.

We got a wonderful wedding present today!

Michael’s brother and sister-in-law have a timeshare in Hawaii that they were unable to go to last year because their little girl was just welcomed into the world.  Because of that, they got a certificate from Interval International for an additional week stay to be used anytime before next June. Since they didn’t plan to use it, they gave it to us to use for our honeymoon. While Hawaii isn’t an option, we do have plenty of options to chose from based on the time we would have to go (anytime after March 6 and before June 4).

Here are some places we are considering:

Lake Tahoe
Puerto Vallarta
Orlando (Disney!!)
Martha’s Vineyard

Mr. C is not a beach person, but he is still willing to consider a Mexican honeymoon just for the luxury resort and gorgeous view.

I really think Lake Tahoe is on the top of his list. My only problem with Lake Tahoe is that he has been before. I want to go somewhere that neither one of us have been so that when we remember that destination, our honeymoon is the only memory we’d have (instead of also remembering the drunken college partying).

I tried relinqushing my control and letting Mr. C be in charge of planning the honeymoon. That worked for a few hours, then I was on the computer looking at the available resorts, flight arrangments, etc.

I am hoping we will have a narrowed down selection by September so we can start making official plans. I am having dreams of myself on a beach under a cabana next to crystal clear water. It’s a sign I think 😉

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Vendor Review: Anchor Paper

Tom Peterson with Anchor Paper is a very helpful and patient man. He has gone back and forth through many emails, ideas and suggestions with me for the last few weeks. I was trying to make selections for my invitation paper, but was unsure of what weight I needed, what would would best for a postcard, etc.

Tom helped me narrow my selections down. For the actual printing portion of the invitation, I am using Classic Crest Natural White. That is the color of the main envelope as well. I ordered this paper first so I could see the color and work from there (I know, most of you are wondering why I just didn’t order a sample). I ordered the paper and envelopes Monday afternoon and here they are at my doorstep today. Very impressive, especially since I only paid or ground shipping.

He also did another favor for me, which was break a box of envelopes. He typically sells envelopes in packs of 250. Obviously that is way too large of a package for my plan. I only need 85-90 invitations, so I asked if I could just get 100 envelopes. He broke the box and adjusted the price.

I’ve been emailing him again this evening to finalize my last purchase. I am now a loyal customer. His service is wonderful!

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I knew from the beginning I wanted to make my own invitations. I attempted to do it in MS Publisher but no matter skilled I became in the program, I just wasn’t achieving the results I wanted.

I wanted photoshop, but knew I couldn’t invest in it right now. I’d never worked with the program before, but I went to Adobe’s website and downloaded the 30 day free trial.

Let me tell you, this program is pretty difficult to teach yourself, but you really just have to spend a day playing with it. Once I understood the concept of layering, it got much easier. For the past week, I have spent my free time wandering around in the program. Two nights ago, I started my invitations and have worked on them off and on throughout the last two days.

My ultimate plan in to mount the actual invitation on black linen cardstock and create a black ribbin belly band to tie everything together.

Here is the final copy of what I’ve done:








I would still like to create a map with directions. Maybe an invitation to the welcome dinner as well. Right now however, Photoshop has stolen my motivation, exhausted my brain and driven me into a couch potato state. So all my other tasks will have to wait until this weekend.

I just have to remember, I only have photoshop for 21 for days, so I have to use it before I lose it!

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Meet Mr. C & our furbabies

Mr. C and I have lived together for 3 years now, and have built quite a family in that time. I wanted to introduce you to my entire household. I love them all so much 🙂

Meet Mr. C! Isn’t he cute? I love him so much, he really is amazing.

This is Daisy, our first adopted Furbaby. She is also the one with the most, I mean personality. She is a mutt, and everyone has a different take on what breeds she is a mix of. I adopted her from the local shelter when she was 6 weeks old. A farmer found her in his barn one morning all alone. Her tail was cut, so I figure she was dumped my her parents owners. We call her docked tail her “Nubbin”. Nubbin has a personality of its own and we often address it separately 🙂 She is the most nervous, anxious, neurotic dog ever, but we love her!

Meet Bucco. Full name: Buc-a-roo. Nicknames: Roo, buccobaby, rooster (the list could go on forever). He is now 2 years old and 2nd to come into our family. He’s a typical dog and loves his big sister and all his other furbaby siblings.

Abigail is our first adopted kitten. She has one brown eye and one blue eye. When we first got her, we thought she was just a typical stubborn cat who wouldn’t come when you called her, but after being able to to vacuum 2 inches from her face when she is napping and never seeing her budge, we realized she is deaf. She truely cannot hear a thing! She gets by just fine though and is the quirkiest, most silly cat ever!

This is Ginger and Sampson. Sampson is the black kitten, Ginger is the other. They are our youngest and love each other. Ginger is very meek and lives for cuddle time. Sampson is sneaky and slightly insane. He’s the problem child of the house.


So as you can see, our household is FULL of animals. Mr. C and I both have a huge soft spot for homeless animals. Most of our friends and family members think we’re nuts, but we can’t help it.

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My favorite part of registering by far was picking out my fine china. It wasn’t something I’d ever really looked at before getting engaged, but once we went to register at Macy’s, I was overwhelmed by all the options. Mr. C on the other hand, could hardly tell the difference in any of the patterns and had no input whatsoever.

My final choice ended up being Opal Innocence by Lenox:


There were some great runner ups though:

Blue Frost by Lenox

Love Story by Mikasa


I am very happy with our selection! I look forward to a time when I get to use my china after the wedding. Maybe a formal dinner party?

Also, I was talking to a girl at Bed Bath & Beyond a few days ago and we were both gushing over how much we love the Opal Innocence pattern. She told me she found toasting flutes that match the set. She took my email and sent me the link and even information on where locally will engrave the glass for us. She was super nice.

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Pastry Love

As a bride, you find yourself drooling over things that you never noticed too much before. My current obession: cakes.

I love the combination of stipes and dotted border. Whimsical, yet elegant with bright colors.

Again, L-O-V-E the dotted borders, and the flourish black design is very classy.

I would consider this a damask pattern, which automatically catches my eye. I love cakes that are mostly white with a dramatic design element.


this cake is so fun! So much going on, yet it is tied together so well with the use of brown throughout. Another dotted border, which as you can tell, I love.

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