DIY flowers

Yes, you heard right. I plan to undertake the job of making my own bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. I know, I know, its a very huge undertaking, especially for someone with no official foral experience. Everyone from my grandmother to my coworkers have tried to talk me out of this, but my reasoning is pretty just:

1. I can’t afford to hire a florist to execute the ideas I have
2. I am excited and willing to take the time to learn all about foral arranging
3. I have 3 good friends who worked in a flower shop in the past and can lend me a helping hand

At this point, I have decided that I want only yellow roses used for the bouquets. For the other arrangements, they will mostly be yellow roses with minor use of fillers and greenery.

I feel like simplicity will be my friend in this project, so sticking with a single, sturdy flower is my plan of action.

I have been researching floral wholesale websites for rates on yellow roses. Because I believe I have a disease known as plan-a-holism, I made a spreadsheet to document everything. Here is a snippet of what I did:

flower compar

Here is where I am slightly confused- how many roses should I order? I know most DIY brides say to order 10% extra to cover problems like breakage and ones that arrive in bad shape. But when it comes to knowing how many should go in each centerpiece and bouquet, I am getting mixed reviews on sizes. For 4 BM bouquets, 1 bridal, 1 flower girl bouquet (opposed to tossing petals, which I do not want), 12 centerpieces, and 4-6 small ceremony arrangements, I am leaning toward 375-400.

The BM bouquets will then be used to decorate the candy buffet table and cake table.

Anyone else attempting to or did attempt to DIY your wedding flowers?


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