Being a Galveston Bride

Our wedding is going to be in Galveston, Texas. Yes, the city is still in recovery from Hurricane Ike and I can almost guarantee that by next March, it will not be back to normal. I am okay with that. Although the actual city of Galveston is not my hometown, I grew up very, very close. It was about a 15 minute drive from my house. I spent many summer days laying out on the beach with friends. My high school prom was in the San Luis Resort on the island. It may not have technically been my hometown, but I sure do see it that way. I still have tons of family down that way even though I have since moved 2 hours away.

When Ike hit, I was devistated. Yes, living on the Gulf, you are prepared for hurricanes. Being prepared doesn’t ease the shock of seeing homes destroyed, boats on roofs, and historical landmarks wiped away.



After Mr. C proposed in December, I decided having our wedding in Galveston was an excellent way to give something to the Galveston community. I wish I had the money to give the city a big, fat donation, but I just don’t, so having my wedding there was the next best thing I could do.

I am using mostly Galveston vendors (which is hard because the selection is slim in comparision to Houston vendors). My guests will all stay on the island, dine on the island, shop on the island and find entertainment on the island. That is all money going into the community and stimulating their economy.

Although it has been quite a while since Ike hit, the community has not bounced back. And my wedding alone is not going to change that, but I do hope that it makes a slight difference to just one business on the island.


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