How we met

A few weeks ago, I asked Mr. C to write the “How we met” and “How he proposed” stories for our wedding website. I tried a few times, but failed because I find writing from the perpective of two people really difficult. I don’t feel like I am a good writer to begin with (which was always justified by my poor grades on every writing assignment I ever did), then adding in the complication of writing from an unusual perspective made me super flustered.

Mr. C on the other hand- great writer. It just flows out of his fingertips like water. It took him a while to get it done and he was constantly having me listen to it as he completed parts and made edits, but he finally got it done and uploaded to the site, and now I want to share it with you (with a few edits of course)


“Miss C. and Mr. C met the weekend of Superbowl XL (a fact Mr. C finds easy to remember because of his beloved Steeler’s win). Mr.C and his friends were hosting a weekend of activities leading up to Superbowl Sunday. Miss C was attending school at the University of Houston, and was brought to College Station by her close friend, Aimee, to hang out. Aimee had previously met Mr. C and his friends through a freshman orientation camp at Texas A&M University. As the picture shows, there certainly wasn’t ‘love at first sight’. A good friendship was started however, and Miss C and Mr. C soon began to spend more and more time together. After the Superbowl, Miss C began traveling around Texas to attend Mr. C’s inline hockey games for A&M, and the two of them went to several Astros baseball games. She also made it her goal to familiarize Mr. C with some Texas culture, and the two visited places like Galveston, Ft. Worth, and Dickinson, Miss C’s home town. Their first real date was a George Strait concert at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. Sophomore year, Miss C transferred to Texas A&M, and their romance grew steadily.”

He’s so adorable 🙂  The first clue that he wrote it is in the first line. I would have not even been able to guess which superbowl that was! But my diehard sports fan of a FI lives his life by association with sporting events. I’ll save the “how he proposed” story for another time! It’s a good one and I believe it deserves it very own post.


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