Traditions I am not that fond of

I love weddings as a whole, but their are some elements that I want to cut out of our day. Call me Negative Nancy, but it’s just personal preference.

Bouquet Toss

I remember attending weddings and making a point to be in the bathroom or at the bar when the bouquet toss started. I felt so uncomfortable being called out as a single lady and having the act enthused to have a chance to change my luck for marriage by catching the bouquet. In my mind, I always felt like the other guests have pity on the single girls. I know very well that isn’t the case, but it still made me nervously uncomfortable.

Maybe I’m the only girl with bouquet toss anxiety, but if I’m not, then I feel by not having the bouquet toss, I will be doing the single girls at my wedding a favor. No anxiety, no pressure to participate.

Garter Toss

I feel like the bouquet toss and the garter toss go hand in hand. I don’t want one without the other. Also, I feel so uncomfortable with the thought of Mr. C diving under my dress in front of all our guests. So simple enough– no tosses of any kind.

Cake on the Face

I have stressed to Mr. C my feelings on this. I don’t want cake on my face, in my hair or on my dress. I used to think this was cute and I was in the crowd cheering it on when I was a guest at a wedding. Now, as a future bride, I cringe everytime I see it.

Mr. C loves a good laugh, so I really think he may try. I have been as serious as possible with him and shared my feelings about it, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he still tries. I’ll just have to be prepared 😉


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