Candy Buffet

I originally planned on doing chinese take out boxes for my candy buffet, but I decided I didn’t like the idea or the price. I know you can get white ones for a decent price, but I wanted either yellow or black, which added significantly more to the price. The reason for color is because my linens will be white and I wanted the contrast.

After browsing to see my options, I came across this bag (the small one)

candybuffet bags

It is like 7in tall, I think. I know, I know..I was just talking about the fact that I have to have colored containers, but this is different. With bags, I won’t put them on the place settings, but instead, have them stacked in a basket on the candy buffet table.

Now my goal is to find a Etsy seller who is willing to help me design and print labels for my bags. I would attempt to do it myself, but I want a damask pattern on the label, and that is a little beyond my design skills.

Anyone have any good recs on an Etsy designer/seller who could help me out?


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