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DIY flowers

Yes, you heard right. I plan to undertake the job of making my own bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. I know, I know, its a very huge undertaking, especially for someone with no official foral experience. Everyone from my grandmother to my coworkers have tried to talk me out of this, but my reasoning is pretty just:

1. I can’t afford to hire a florist to execute the ideas I have
2. I am excited and willing to take the time to learn all about foral arranging
3. I have 3 good friends who worked in a flower shop in the past and can lend me a helping hand

At this point, I have decided that I want only yellow roses used for the bouquets. For the other arrangements, they will mostly be yellow roses with minor use of fillers and greenery.

I feel like simplicity will be my friend in this project, so sticking with a single, sturdy flower is my plan of action.

I have been researching floral wholesale websites for rates on yellow roses. Because I believe I have a disease known as plan-a-holism, I made a spreadsheet to document everything. Here is a snippet of what I did:

flower compar

Here is where I am slightly confused- how many roses should I order? I know most DIY brides say to order 10% extra to cover problems like breakage and ones that arrive in bad shape. But when it comes to knowing how many should go in each centerpiece and bouquet, I am getting mixed reviews on sizes. For 4 BM bouquets, 1 bridal, 1 flower girl bouquet (opposed to tossing petals, which I do not want), 12 centerpieces, and 4-6 small ceremony arrangements, I am leaning toward 375-400.

The BM bouquets will then be used to decorate the candy buffet table and cake table.

Anyone else attempting to or did attempt to DIY your wedding flowers?


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Mr. C’s on board!!

I love that he is willing to work on DIY projects with me.


Here he is painting our program basket (as well as a shelf for our bathroom).

He is more than willing to talk about paper samples with me, go to vendor meetings and talk about our wedding at any time of day. I love him for that.

Let me tell you what he is not on board for- making a decision by himself. He just won’t do it. I think he is afraid that I’ll be upset if he makes the wrong choice. I asked him to find a ceremony musician and book to them. He kept putting it off, for weeks and weeks. I kept reminding him, he kept saying he’d do it.

It never got done.

One night, we were sitting on the couch and I handed him the laptop and told him to get to work on his task. He sat there looking at different sites for an hour. He finally looked over at me and admitted that he couldn’t handle the pressure and needed my help. Of course, I gladly obliged.

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Being a Galveston Bride

Our wedding is going to be in Galveston, Texas. Yes, the city is still in recovery from Hurricane Ike and I can almost guarantee that by next March, it will not be back to normal. I am okay with that. Although the actual city of Galveston is not my hometown, I grew up very, very close. It was about a 15 minute drive from my house. I spent many summer days laying out on the beach with friends. My high school prom was in the San Luis Resort on the island. It may not have technically been my hometown, but I sure do see it that way. I still have tons of family down that way even though I have since moved 2 hours away.

When Ike hit, I was devistated. Yes, living on the Gulf, you are prepared for hurricanes. Being prepared doesn’t ease the shock of seeing homes destroyed, boats on roofs, and historical landmarks wiped away.



After Mr. C proposed in December, I decided having our wedding in Galveston was an excellent way to give something to the Galveston community. I wish I had the money to give the city a big, fat donation, but I just don’t, so having my wedding there was the next best thing I could do.

I am using mostly Galveston vendors (which is hard because the selection is slim in comparision to Houston vendors). My guests will all stay on the island, dine on the island, shop on the island and find entertainment on the island. That is all money going into the community and stimulating their economy.

Although it has been quite a while since Ike hit, the community has not bounced back. And my wedding alone is not going to change that, but I do hope that it makes a slight difference to just one business on the island.

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How we met

A few weeks ago, I asked Mr. C to write the “How we met” and “How he proposed” stories for our wedding website. I tried a few times, but failed because I find writing from the perpective of two people really difficult. I don’t feel like I am a good writer to begin with (which was always justified by my poor grades on every writing assignment I ever did), then adding in the complication of writing from an unusual perspective made me super flustered.

Mr. C on the other hand- great writer. It just flows out of his fingertips like water. It took him a while to get it done and he was constantly having me listen to it as he completed parts and made edits, but he finally got it done and uploaded to the site, and now I want to share it with you (with a few edits of course)


“Miss C. and Mr. C met the weekend of Superbowl XL (a fact Mr. C finds easy to remember because of his beloved Steeler’s win). Mr.C and his friends were hosting a weekend of activities leading up to Superbowl Sunday. Miss C was attending school at the University of Houston, and was brought to College Station by her close friend, Aimee, to hang out. Aimee had previously met Mr. C and his friends through a freshman orientation camp at Texas A&M University. As the picture shows, there certainly wasn’t ‘love at first sight’. A good friendship was started however, and Miss C and Mr. C soon began to spend more and more time together. After the Superbowl, Miss C began traveling around Texas to attend Mr. C’s inline hockey games for A&M, and the two of them went to several Astros baseball games. She also made it her goal to familiarize Mr. C with some Texas culture, and the two visited places like Galveston, Ft. Worth, and Dickinson, Miss C’s home town. Their first real date was a George Strait concert at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. Sophomore year, Miss C transferred to Texas A&M, and their romance grew steadily.”

He’s so adorable 🙂  The first clue that he wrote it is in the first line. I would have not even been able to guess which superbowl that was! But my diehard sports fan of a FI lives his life by association with sporting events. I’ll save the “how he proposed” story for another time! It’s a good one and I believe it deserves it very own post.

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My cake topper is in the mail!

100_3101Crafty Eddy is great! He emailed me a picture of my caketopper and let me know he is putting it in the mail tomorrow morning. I haven’t decided yet what color rhinestones I want to cover it with, or if that is even the route I want to take.

I can’t decide exactly what I want to do with it.

I LOVE ChiMonique’s pearl design:


I love pearls and she did such an amazing job on this.


But then I see cake toppers like this one and I fall in love…



Decisions, decisions. I really feel the deciding factor will be required skill level. 🙂

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Crafty Eddy and other decor updates

Short update:

I ordered my unfinished cake topper from Crafty Eddy yesterday, I am very excited for it to come in. I will share more when I get it.

I am also toying with the idea of ordering satin overlays from Any reviews on them? I would also like to locate 12-14 damask runners. I am hoping to find a bride that is selling her’s between now and March. If any of you brides out there plan to sell your runners, PLEASE let me know. I will gladly take them off your hands.

I love the look of these designs:

runner 2

this of course, would be with yellow instead of green.

I have to admit, the design element is my favorite part of planning the wedding (except the excitement of marrying Mr. C).

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Traditions I am not that fond of

I love weddings as a whole, but their are some elements that I want to cut out of our day. Call me Negative Nancy, but it’s just personal preference.

Bouquet Toss

I remember attending weddings and making a point to be in the bathroom or at the bar when the bouquet toss started. I felt so uncomfortable being called out as a single lady and having the act enthused to have a chance to change my luck for marriage by catching the bouquet. In my mind, I always felt like the other guests have pity on the single girls. I know very well that isn’t the case, but it still made me nervously uncomfortable.

Maybe I’m the only girl with bouquet toss anxiety, but if I’m not, then I feel by not having the bouquet toss, I will be doing the single girls at my wedding a favor. No anxiety, no pressure to participate.

Garter Toss

I feel like the bouquet toss and the garter toss go hand in hand. I don’t want one without the other. Also, I feel so uncomfortable with the thought of Mr. C diving under my dress in front of all our guests. So simple enough– no tosses of any kind.

Cake on the Face

I have stressed to Mr. C my feelings on this. I don’t want cake on my face, in my hair or on my dress. I used to think this was cute and I was in the crowd cheering it on when I was a guest at a wedding. Now, as a future bride, I cringe everytime I see it.

Mr. C loves a good laugh, so I really think he may try. I have been as serious as possible with him and shared my feelings about it, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he still tries. I’ll just have to be prepared 😉

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