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Being a budget bride, I am always looking and researching creative ways to save money and pull off amazing decor.

Since FI and I were in Houston for the weekend housesitting, we decided it was a good time to go buy the wedding things I wanted from Ikea.

Ikea Purchase

I was pretty excited about my bargains.

100 tealights- $3.99
2 Large vases (will be used for Candy Buffet)- $1.50 ea
6 pk “beer glasses” (using for vases)-$6.99
tealight holders (12 pk) – $1.99 ea

I never thought of using Ikea’s glassware for vases, but I stumbled across this post on

The only other things I need for my centerpieces is 5 black tealight or votive candelabras and to order the yellow roses (I’m DIYing my flowers as well) from

I am hoping to do a mock-up to share soon.


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Custom Hoodie

For the day of, I wanted to make a custom hoodie that says “Mrs. C, Established 3.6.2010”. I know I could find someone online to make this for me, but I wanted to take on this project for myself.

3mm Hotfix rhinestones (720 for 3.99 on eBay)
mylar paper (5ft for $7 on eBay)
Scotch Tape
Print out of design


First, design the logo for your hoodie. I designed mine in Photoshop. After I designed it, I used to “flip” option to mirror the image. You want to make sure you print a mirrored image of the design, not the original. If you do not use a mirrored image, it will come out backwards on your hoodie.

Once you have printed out your design and have it to the size you would like, cut a section of mylar paper and use scotch tape to secure it to the paper with the design on it.

Using your tweezers, start lining the design by placing the rhinestones on the mylar, shining part down. You should see the green end (the iron on material) face up. Keep up with this process until you have covered the entire design.

Pull of the tape and flip it over the see how it turned out.

I haven’t completed the “established” line yet, but this is what it looks like so far…


(its obviously blurry because I attempted to save my identity, but if you look hard enough I’m sure you can figure it out.)

Once this is complete, I plan to buy a white hoodie at Walmart or Target to iron it on to.

I will keep you posted as the project continues..

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I never thought I would be a blogger. But here I am.

I am blogging for a few reasons: One, to document my journey to becoming Mrs. C. I want to remember all the things I did, all the projects I took on, all the vendors I met, and all the problems I whined about. Two, I want to be able to share my experiences with other brides so that they can learn from my dumb mistakes or brilliant triumphs (most likely a mixture of both). Third, I am somewhat wedding obsessed at the time, and probably will be until the day it all happens, so this gives me a way to talk about it without driving everyone around me bananas all the time.

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